Thursday, November 17, 2011

Five Questions for the Blog Writer.

Why is this such a short blog post?
I have just done six offsites in five days. Strangely enough, two of them smelled a bit like bacon.

Was it worth it closing at 11 pm to get all everyone who attended their suitably signed copy of Habibi?
Yes. Proof below.

Am I happy about the store being featured on the front page of the New York Times?
A great big sloppy yes. Thank you, Ms. Patchett for your gracoius mention. Hooray for Parnassus Books!*

Why is Daniel so over-the-top excited?
Here's a snippet.

How about another clue?
Michael Lisicky is doing a talk about holiday department store traditions, in conjunction with his new release, Gimbels Has It! on Monday, December 13, at 3 pm. I know it's an odd time, but he's in and out in one day and honestly, I'd be happy to talk to him alone about this.

Really, that was a clue. Think about it.

*A note about the New York Times piece. Several people came in and asked where all the hanging signs were. I actually was referring to hanging stuff, not signs, as readers of the blog will know. Though we are not heavily strung out at the moment, this year we've had stars, snowflakes, bats, owls, puzzle pieces, wooden birds, and a couple of other appropriate stuffed animals. I have the idea for a rock and roll novel table with some of my old 45s hanging above, but while I know all the older books I would include, I need one or two new releases for it to be timely.

I don't want you to think I am all braggy about Boswell. When I talk to potential booksellers (and I've talked to several others over the last few years), I am as quick to point out all the things I think I'm doing wrong, as I am to talk about things that we did correctly.

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