Saturday, November 5, 2011

A More Action-Packed Day than Usual in the Bookshop

Several weeks ago, Stacie was looking at the event calendar, and asked me if I had made an error in scheduling so many things for Saturday, November 5.  "Perhaps you have the wrong date written down for one of the events," she wondered. I think there was at least one error involved in scheduling, but it wasn't something we couldn't accomplish.

It started at 7 this morning.  After getting the books done and restocking, and maybe doing a few signs (National Book Awards kids table, for example), we got our books ready for the first author meeting, a stock signing with Todd Ritter for his second novel, Bad Moon. Though none of us had read the book yet, our mystery specialist Anne was intrigued.  I guess these stock signings do the job.

Next we set up for an event with the Eric Dregni (Vikings in the Attic) and Joan Peterson (Eat Smart in Norway), the first in our Nordic November series. Because I wasn't going to be here when the event started, it was important to get the projector/laptop/screen combo all set to go. I wasn't here for the event, but I heard that Shane did a great job, and the crowd seemed to have a good time.

I drove off to the Elm Grove Woman's Club for our event with Jennifer Chiaverini, for the publication of the newly-released The Wedding Quilt. Patched Works had gone all out for the event, not only procuring a wedding cake as part of the refreshments, but also having a bride. In addition to hearing about the new novel, we got a peak at the next release, Sonoma Rose, which comes out in February.

Back to the store to set up for Paul Schmitz's launch recpetion for Public Allies. They've been working on it for hours. The new book is Everyone Leads: Building Leadership from the Community Up.  I think Mr. Schmitz wishes the book was not published as a professional book (smaller trade discount, less distribution) and I have to agree that his message seems like something that would be, for example, stocked at local Barnes and Nobles, or carried by Ingram. But at least for now, that is not to be.

Here's a quote from Arianna Huffington: "This moment in history demands that we stop waiting for others--especially others living in Washington, D.C.--to solve the problems and right the wrongs of our times. Now, more than ever, we must mine the most underutilized resource available to us: We the People. Everyone Leads shows us how."

I'm going to be blunt--this might have been too much to take on in one day. But everything is going pretty well. I've only been yelled at by one person, but that was interesting enough that I think it deserves its own post.

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