Thursday, November 24, 2011

Getting Last Minute Things Done for Friday Morning, Even Though I Won't Be There.

This morning started late and that was a good thing. As we don't have any events this weekend and not really any requests for staff to be off extra days, I was able to visit my family for a few days in the Phoenix area. Alas, I am not involved with the cooking or anything; I'm just happy to have made the flight, as I woke up rather late.

As of yesterday, we were staging the store for Christmas, and there's more to do tomorrow. Amie and I wound up staying late on Wednesday. She worked on our new Klutz display (seems rather large for a "junior" display if you ask me) while I restocked our Folkmanis display and brought out more Coelacanth bags and coin purses. Did you know that the #1 Klutz book on Ingram demand is Lego Crazy Action Contraptions? I'm not sure if we bought this or not, and since it's Thanksgiving, I'm not even going to check.

Being that we had some free endcap space, I put out more of those Command wall hooks. You should know that I am not brand dropping because someone is paying me--I really like them, though if you hang too much, they do sometimes fall down.

There's still more to go. On Friday Jason creates our holiday Boswell's Best, another bay of discounted titles that all the Boswellians picked (including me) as their annual favorites. There are also buyer's choice. So yes, that means we discount a few more books for the holidays. On the other hand, we're just opening Boswell at the regular time on Black Friday, at 10 am. Like many indie stories, we actually get busier later in the day.

I'm very excited to be working a few hours at Changing Hands in Tempe on Friday morning. If you are aching to get some book recs between 10 am and 12 noon, I might be able to help.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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