Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday Gift Post, with Just a Few Asides. Who are We Kidding? It's All Asides.

1. I continue to be bedeviled by our missing camera. Stacie and Shane and I were passing it back and forth like a hot potato.  The time ran out on me, but I have no idea where I dropped it. Let's hope it turns up soon.

2. I mentioned yesterday that I was going to mention our new fall items, but there's only one problem.  The books I was going to display them with have not come up.  I wait patiently for Theresa Weir's The Orchard and a few other titles.  If you haven't heard about this book, it's a memoir of a woman who family farm is betrayed by chemicals.  Bev has read it and liked it a lot.

Meanwhile, my eye was taken with some apple-themed plates and candles and salt and pepper shakers.  Tag tends to wrap a lot of their candles in plastic wrap.  Anne and I both agree that it chapens their look.  We've decided that our lifelike apple candles are best shown off au naturel.  We'll see how it goes.

3. We got a new card line in this week.  Ghost Academy uses block prints for a look completely different from the rest of our cards.  Urubbu are cards from a Brazilian artist that recalls Charlie Harper.  Both are slowly going on the floor as we sell through other designs.  We've also got some bookmarks from Urubbu, and after seeing the Ghost Academy pins and magnets at a gift shop in Seattle, I'm tempted to bring them in too.

My goal is to bring in a new card line about once every other month, but these were both finds from the gift show that I couldn't pass up. 

4. We restocked our Out of Print tees, and in addition to filling out our size assortment of Atlas Shrugged, The Old Man and the Sea, and The Great Gatsby, we now are carrying a tee inspired by Thoreau's Walden.  I called Angela right away, one of my customers who just loves these, and buys each new design as it comes in. We're both sad that they haven't done The Old Man and the Sea in women's sizes.

Come to think of it, I bought two tee shirts today--Moby Dick and our Support Your Local Bookstore tee, and I left them at Boswell. Darn, I hoped to wear one tomorrow.

All this, but I was thinking the same thing John was when he came in to be a little gift for a friend.  Where's your new unique little thing that I can't do without? You're not being whimsical enough!  My thoughts exactly--I'm on the hunt!

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