Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday Gift Post, Halloween Edition, Part One--Ravens.

There doesn't ever seem to ever be enough time to do anything in the store.  Today we already used an underutilized magazine display to make a football/baseball display, what with the success of the Brewers and high hopes for another great Packers season.

We filled in some event display holes last night, and checked through our "new in hardcover" display case to make sure we had the right titles, and that old titles had been unmarked from our inventory system. There's a new display up about the Big Read program, which is a whole season of events themed around To Kill a Mockingbird.  I suspect we'll have another post soon that is totally dedicated to that subject.

But it's Saturday, and that means a gift post.  I noted the apple-filled fall table, but I decided to not be too literal this year and fill our Halloween table with ravens, since that seems to be a popular icon that covers not just Halloween but fall too.  We have flying raven fingerpuppets--yes, I spent a lot of this week hanging fishing line.

We have raven mugs.  I don't have the expectations of the owl mugs that we reordered aggressively and sold through successfully, but I can already tell that they are a bigger hit than the watering can mugs of the spring.  No question about it--it's not easy being a mug store.

And in the centerpiece, some sparkly ravens made out of I don't know what.  I'm thinking they are pretty swell (Sharon agrees) and should keep a house Halloweenesuqe, Edgar Allan Poe style.

There's another component to our Halloween, but I need to get a few events finalized first. Should be all set by next week. Meanwhile, I have to figure out how to display our banned book bracelets.

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Donna said...

How about displaying those bracelets behind "CAUTION" tape used by police, etc. After all, book banners only want to protect innocents from dangerous information...