Thursday, September 8, 2011

Peter Brown at the Shorewood Library at 4. Karen McQuestion at Boswell at 7. Both today.

Today we are doing the first of several school visits with kids authors.  It turns out that this is not the ideal week to be visiting schools.  Not only is it very early in the school year, but many schools have had to deal with major cuts.  One school we work with (unnamed) has no art or music teacher, librarian, and also lost one of their teachers.  All that and many principals (as well as teachers) have taken retirement.

(Did I mention how much I love Brown's self-portrait?)

So we were lucky that we were able to find willing programs at two schools. Thanks to Next Chapter, who let us work with a school with whom they usually partner. And don't forget, today Mr. Brown has a public appearance at the Shorewood Library, 3920 North Oakland Avenue, at 4 pm.

Yes, it's 3 hours before the one-two punch of the Obama speech and Packers game. Heide at the library worried that folks might wind up having pre-game parties that would conflict with our event.  I guess we'll see!

I asked Mr. Brown about the Lucy plush doll that is coming out.  Lucy is the heroine of both Children Make Terrible Pets and the new You Will be My Friend, which we've all agreed is even funnier than the last book.  It turns out that Mr. Brown, a perfectionist, made some changes such that Lucy is not quite at market.  He said he's got a collection of all the prototypes that have been made along the way. Now that would be a interesting thing to see.

We should have signed copies of all of Mr. Brown's books after the event.  You can order them here.

At 7, we're hosting Karen McQuestion at Boswell, celebrating the Mariner editions of A Scattered Life and Easily Amused.  McQuestion will be introduced by Judy Bridges of Redbird Studio, author of the popular writing guide, Shut Up and Write.  Bridges has been the inspiration for so many local writers; we're hoping folks will be in a celebratory mood.

But oy, the Packers.  My apologies to fans of both for making it a tough choice.

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