Thursday, February 20, 2014

March Indie Bound List is Out, Featuring Nickolas Butler, Lorrie Moore, and Chris Pavone.

The upcoming Indie Bound list has several Boswell events included. First of all is Lorrie Moore's Bark, recommended by Laurie Paus at Elliott Bay Book Company in Seattle: “Is there any living writer who can so effortlessly chronicle the messy absurdity, unintended humor, and quiet pathos of the human condition better than Lorrie Moore? I had been eagerly awaiting another short story collection from her, and Bark delivers in full. The Moore I’ve known and loved is back, replete with her trademark pithy one-liners, wry observations, wicked wit, and spot-on renderings of her characters’ quirks, failings, and stubborn dreams.”

Moore is coming to Boswell on Monday, March 3, 7 pm. She looks like she's going to have The New York Times trifecta--a front page review (this Sunday), a feature article, and a daily review from Michiko Kakutani. I was surprised to see that David Gates' Sunday review is already posted, hence the link.

The #1 Indie Next pick is Nickolas Butler's Shotgun Lovesongs. This book, set in Wisconsin, has already had a number of good reads from Boswell. The Indie Next quote is from Bill Carl at The Booksellers at Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati: "This is a spectacular first novel, full of wit, energy, love, and a true feeling of home that other writers strive to achieve but few actually succeed in creating. It’s the story of four men and a woman tied by their youth in a small town in Wisconsin. Their lives change over the years — one becomes a farmer, one an indie rock star, one a not-so-successful businessman, and one an ex-rodeo rider — but they all cling to that notion of home and small-town America, even as that dream is drying up and blowing away on the wind. Like Richard Russo, Jonathan Tropper, and Larry McMurtry, Butler knows exactly what is happening inside men’s heads and he knows how to express their feelings without ever becoming maudlin. Every note rings true. I cannot wait to see what he writes next!"

Nickolas Butler is coming to Boswell on Tuesday, March 11, 7 pm.  As we generally do, we've stickered our fliers with info about this event.

And finally there is our own quote from Hannah Johnson-Breimeier*, recommending The Accident, from Chris Pavone. She writes "Literary agent Isabel Reed is the first to receive the manuscript of The Accident, which, unbeknownst to her, is a dangerous thing to have in one’s possession. It reveals secrets that a powerful media mogul and his cronies, including a CIA agent, have spent a lifetime concealing. They will stop at nothing to see that The Accident is never published and that their reputations remain intact. Readers get an insider’s glimpse into the gears of the publishing machine as the manuscript changes hands and endangers everyone who knows of its existence. A compelling thriller for book lovers!”

You can see the entire March Indie Next list here.

*I would like to add that though she doesn't work at Boswell, I consider Susan Gusho of Watermark an honorary employee. Her rec is for Walter Kirn's Blood Will Out.

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