Friday, February 7, 2014

Fire Inspection!

Since we get our fire extinguishers inspected every year, I must have once noted how when we opened, the operation that was in charge hadn't come in over a year. They are a national operation and I thought, "I bet I could get this done locally for the same price." I called around to all the other merchants I knew and took a poll of who they used, how much they cost, and whether they were satisfied. One of the other indies also turned out to have been also bought by a national chain, but the operation we went with, Accurate Recharge, seemed to be private and local. They show up on time and they are reasonably priced, so we take them for granted, much like Marvin's Window Cleaning Service, with whom we are also happy.

Just a week before our fire inspector showed up, to make sure everything was ok. Since Accurate had showed up last year, I was pretty confident they would come again, but I marked it on my calendar to double check. And I don't know about you, but I find that every time you get a new inspector, they try to find something the last inspector didn't. Fortunately this was her second trip so we knew we had everything correct. We showed her our five fire extinguishers (down from six, a previous inspector said that one of them wasn't necessary, as it was very close to another), our exit signs (Accurate changed two batteries) and our fire exits, which were all clear. We got a monthly checklist to test the signs. The smoke alarm system is done by our building.

And that is probably the first bookseller blog post about fire inspections you've probably read, unless I wrote about it another year. I'm pretty sure I never before posted Accurate's advertisement, so now I will, to ensure this post really offers something new.

What, no fire drill? It was the highlight of elementary school, especially when the class was particularly boring or I'd forgotten my homework.


Rebecca said...

As the daughter of firefighters, I can tell you that this is one of my favorite blog posts from you. (Also, it would be a good idea to have a fire drill. I'm surprised the landlord doesn't require them.)

john eklund said...

Relieved to know how safe we are @ Boswell.