Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Clearing the Clearance.

I closed out the clearance table this week. There are a few everyday items that will either be kept for our summer clearance and a few items (like one set of address books) that will go back in the address book shelf at their clearance price. There are also a few ornaments we're going to keep for next holiday, but there are a few that have seen better days and will be just charged out as a loss.

Most things get a day or two in the staff break room before I discard them; I never know what someone's going to want at the right price. I've got these Baby Lit buttons, which sold very, very well, except there are a few dregs that nobody wants. This pictured button turns out to be the least popular Baby Lit design. It's certainly pretty, but its motif is distinctly dollar signs. What classic was this inspired by? And why am I not friends with Scrooge McDuck, who would appreciate this thoughtful gift?

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