Saturday, October 22, 2011

Yesterday's Blog Now Has Photos. Today's is Short.

Rebecca II came by with her family, which is always a nice surprise. She assured me that I don't have to do a blog post everyday. Everyone is worried that I'm tired.  I was going to stay tonight and set up for Jeffrey Eugenides (event is at Noon).  Instead, I'm going to come in early tomorrow. It's just like putting off studying for a test.

I did a little gift receiving today, and also some post-event returns. We were nicely busy for a Saturday, but it felt so luxurious having a full shift (4-3) that I thought it would be ok to be off the floor for part of the day.

I still don't have an idea for the teen/young adult corner display table. I think we might go with National Book Award finalists for kids, and I think that we'll include the Lauren Myracle book too, just because it would be nice if after all of this, her novel Shine had a sales pop.

You know the story, right? The list was being transcribed by phone, and the transcriber heard Shine instead of Chime, which is a novel by Franny Billingsley. At first they added the left-out title to the list, but then they asked Myracle to withdraw.  It's sort of like when your boss says, "I'm going to fire you, but we'll make it look like you quit."

And in the spirit of the whole thing, I might have gotten the story wrong, so you should double check with the Washigton Post.

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