Monday, October 3, 2011

Stacy Schiff, Larry Watson, and Jon Katz, Which Means We Already Hosted Our Last Event with the Infamous Futon.

Were you planning to spend the night at Boswell Book Company? Neither was I, but despite that, among our assortment of couches was a classic futon, perched on an incredibly solid (read heavy) metal frame. I purchased it along with our other furniture when I bought the assets of the Schwartz Downer Avenue shop, but I never got a good answer on why the store needed a place to sleep.

Oh, and though I still wake people up fairly regularly (we ask you to leave the third time you doze off, by the way), you can only imagine what it was like when the store was open until 11 pm. And did I mention we have to move it on average four times per week (twice for each event)?

Several months ago, one of our customers mentioned to me that she's been looking for a futon like this for a long time, officially putting me on notice that if I found a new couch, I could sell this one.  I had a list of requirements--dark, patterned, stubby legs, no country curves but not too modern either, plus of course there were price constraints.

I wound up buying the couch at Colder's, which is still locally owned by the Felker family, and to my pleasant surprise, the couch was also made in the United States, from the England division of Lazyboy.  I believe it's the Conner model--still solid but much lighter than the metal-framed futon.  It arrives Friday.


So yes, we have three events this week (3 and a half, really) but all of them are outside the bookshop.  The biggie is Stacy Schiff, appearing for Cleopatra: A Life, on Tuesday, October 4, 7 pm, at Milwaukee Public Library's Centennial Hall, 733 North Eighth Street.
1. This is an incredible deal--a free, unticketed event.
2. Stacie Schiff is an terrific speaker. This will surely be an entertaining and enlightening event.
3. The Milwaukee Public Museum exhibit opens October 14. What great preparation for your visit to see the artifacts of Cleopatra's reign!  Buy tickets here.
4. Schiff's biography is a heavily researched, powerful read that is deftly told. Cleopatra was named one of the ten best books of the year by The New York Times, and Schiff received the Pulitzer Prize for Véra, her biography of Mrs. Vladimir Nabokov.
5. Can't come? Order a signed hardcover or paperback from us.
6. Watch this video and see you there!

On Wednesday, October 5, we are participating in Shorewood Public Library's two talks with Larry Watson for Montana 1948, in conjunction with the Shorewood Reads program.  Watson will be appearing at 3920 North Murray Avenue at both 3 pm and 7 pm.  And don't forget about his new novel, American Boy.

Thursday, October 6 brings another in-demand event, Jon Katz's return to Milwaukee after a several-year absence in conjunction with the release of his new book, Going Home: Finding Peace When Pets Die.  Katz's tales of Bedlam Farm and his beloved dogs, chronicled in Soul of a Dog, A Dog Year, Izzy and Lenore, and other books.

Read a bit more about Katz's life with his dogs:

"A number of dogs have lived with me on the farm since I came, some still here, others not. I have no problem sharing dogs with other people, when that's appropriate, or even giving them away, if that makes the dogs happier. But I also have dogs I couldn't ever part with.

At the moment, I have three remarkable dogs I love to death, all quite different: Rose, the working dog, Izzy, the Soul Dog who brought me to hospice work, and Lenore, the Hound of Love. Rose came from a herding line in Colorado, Izzy was rescued off a farm near Cambridge, N.Y., and Lenore came from a wonderful breeder of Labs, Gretchen Pinkel of Kee-Pin Labradors." More on his website.

Jon Katz is appearing at the Wisconsin Humane Society, Thursday, October 6, at 7 pm.  This is a ticketed event; buy tickets on their website. The $5 admission goes back to the Humane Society. Space is limited.

Just in case you've heard rumors about the distemper virus, the animals have been treated, and the adoption suspension has been lifted.  All in a day's work, I guess.

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