Friday, October 28, 2011

Stray Thoughts from a Stray Bookseller on a Friday Afternoon.

1. I decided to look at what was on the shelving cart, to see if I saw something of interest. Peter Sís's The Conference of the Birds reminded me that I saw Amie hugging it when it came in. It's an adaptation of a Persian epic poem. Do you all remember our Persian poetry night in the spring of 2009? I do. I also love seeing people hug books. It makes me happy.

2. Our old pal Sara came in to interview me today for a school project. She worked at Schwartz for a number of years with me, including some time helping me with the buying. I have been found to be a good practice interview.  Unlike others I've done, there was video involved. I hope it went ok. We of course met for chicken tikka masala soup first at The Soup House.

3. A customer came in to ask whether we had any Unemployed Philosopher dolls of the female variety.  Yes, we ran out.  Our order was in back, so I received it. And we now have Picasso.

4. Speaking of Picasso, I'm trying to figure out where our easel is for tomorrow's event with Andy Rash.  Nice writeup in the Journal Sentinel for Zombie Afternoon. Much thanks!

5. I was going to read this morning, but alas, I had to trim the brushy vines from the alley. This time I bought an electric cord that is more difficult to cut when you attack it with an electric trimmer.

6. We have stock on both 1Q84 and Steve Jobs, which is very exciting.  Alas, we have very little Murakami baclist, as someone came in and bought everything we had. Jason informed me that the first two novels are out of print, and the reason we didn't have Dance, Dance, Dance was because it isn't as good. Every day I know a little bit more.

Some people are asking for it as "IQ-84," which makes me feel bad for the book, being not a very good IQ.

7. Next up, a walk through with Melinda from Public Allies for our event with Paul Schmitz next Saturday, November 5, 7 pm reception, 8 pm talk. And yes, we're staying open a little later to accomodate this.

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