Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Tee Shirt from artist Kpolly/Kristopher Pollard, Plus a New Everyday Tee

Being that a substantial number of my booksellers have worked with Kristopher Pollard (Beverly, Amie, Anne, at the minimum) and another portion (Jocelyn and Stacie) have been models for him for his recent show at the Luckystar Studio gallery, it seemed only a question of time before we would be able to wear Kpolly down to the point that he would agree to do a tee shirt for us.

Need to get on the Kpolly train?  Here's his stop on Facebook.  Though as a purist, I like to call it The Facebook.

Not that I thought that this tee shirt thing would necessarily come to fruition.  Kristopher had warned me that he is relatively slow at execution, particularly in this go-go internet age.  I know, you're expecting me to say that his work is the cat's pajamas.  Well it is, with Pollard most recently featured in Bitch Magazine.

The whole process was relatively painless.  And voila!  We're selling our spring 2011 tee, "The Book was Better" for a very nice price of $19.95 (2XL is $22.50).  Many thanks to Matt and George at Brew City Promotions, for their great work as always.

Speaking of shirts, we've sold down on our basic shirt to the point that several sizes are down to one color (sometimes black, other times brown, occasionally turquoise). 

It seemed time to order in something new.  I had my heart set on maroon, but a lack of availability in women's sizes (we've been getting requests) and a miscommunication somewhere along the way let to the inadvertently glorious arrival of Heather Maroon Boswell, born 4/21/11.  This one's cotton-poly blend (The New York Times has reassured me that many people are okay with this) and sells for $14.95 (2XL is $16.95).

So just in time for warm weather (really, even though there is still bits of snow on my lawn), you've got something new to wear.  And if you don't like being a shameless huckster for a bookstore, you can also shill for classic fiction in our Out of Print tees, now including The Great Gatsby and The Old Man and the Sea.  I think I already wrote about this once before on the blog.  I'm sure it shocks you that I don't have a plan-o-gram.

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