Tuesday, April 26, 2011

John Eklund's Rep-of-the-Year Interview is Published in PW Online

Publishers Weekly published their article on John Eklund, rep of the year.  Claire Kirch conducted the interview at Boswell.  We interrupted a lot, but not so much as to be rude.  Here's a little excerpt:

"The son of two factory workers, Eklund describes his childhood home as "not a book-friendly environment," with a family totally uninterested in reading. He spent his youth hanging out after school at the East Side Library or browsing the book department at Schuster's Department Store. On his eighth birthday, his aunt took him shopping at Schuster's for his first books, a "beautiful" three-volume world encyclopedia set. He still owns it."

Now I was going to show a picture of some Schuster's memorabilia that John gave me for my birthday.  But I can't find it.  So check back later; I might find it and add it to this post.  Read the rest of the interview.
I'd write more but things have been crazy today.  Lots of event bookings, some last minute, and some for fall.  More later.

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