Friday, January 28, 2011

Five Very Exciting Things to Tell You About Our Event with Jennifer Chiaverini on Tuesday, February 22nd.

1. First of all, the new book, The Union Quilters, is coming on Tuesday, February 22nd. Still in the series, it reaches back to Civil War times to document the travails of the women of Elm Creek Valley. Let's just say that these Civil War wives* are having some issues on the home front. Publishers Weekly found this heartwarming story heartwarming and accessible enough to attract to readers. And yes, we have the launch event, that Tuesday, this time at a special location. Read on!

2. We're hosting an event, once again with our pals at Patched Works of Elm Grove. I went out to visit Julie again, this time when they were actually still open. Julie showed me Chiaverini's new collection of fabrics, being sold at the store. One of the fabrics was actually used on the jacket of the new book.

Can I just say again how much I love fabric stores? I roamed the aisles for about 15 minutes, looking at all the fascinating patterns. Some were quite beautiful, some funny, others odd. Yes, something for everyone. Need a pattern with a coffee bean? Patched Works have several. If I knew how to sew, I'd be a fabric junkie.

OK, this one is my favorite, it's 5th from the left (or 6th, if you count that little sliver at the bottom). Very Danielish.

3. Whereas last time we hosted the event at Boswell, this time it's at the Sunset Playhouse! After visiting the Patched Works, I headed over to the Playhouse (at 800 Elm Grove Road, only blocks from the store) to take a look around. But the box office is open 1-5 pm (Tuesday through Friday, till 4 pm on Saturday) and I was about two hours early. Rats. And no, this is not the best picture, but it shows there is plenty of free parking!

Coincidentally, the Playhouse is making a bit to get more attendees from Milwaukee. I came back to Boswell to find that our activity display in our vestibule (this is placed in the store by a third party) had not one, not two, but three fliers advertising upcoming shows.

a. January 27-29 is "Caps for Sale", based on the classic children's book by Esphyr Slobodkina. It's a "bug in a rug" show. Hey, you only have one day left for this one. It's 10:30 am and 2 pm on 1/29. Ticket info is at 262-782-4430.

b. January 31-February 1st is "Best of Broadway", three shows. Tickets are $17 for this one, a tribute to The Showstopper.

c. Now through February 6th is "Guys on Ice", the ice fishing musical comedy which has previously played at the Milwaukee Rep, or so I remember! Tickets range from $10-22.
I know you want to sing along to "The Beer in the Bucket."

4. Yes, you can get a free pin with purchase. Once again Jennifer Chiaverini is offering a commemorative pin with purchase of the new book, The Union Quilters. I asked Chiaverini if I could show a copy of the pin and she gladly obliged me. So yes, if you buy the book from our website in advance of 2/22, you will also get the free pin. Purchase here. (And also yes, you can buy the book on our website and have us bring the book to the Sunset Playhouse to get it signed. Of course you can!)

5. It's going to be a great event, and it's free too. Use that money to buy a copy of the book, get a free pin, get some beautiful fabric. What more could you want? RSVP to our Facebook page.

*For a historical perspective, why not have someone in the group read Carol Berkin's Civil War Wives, now out in paperback.

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