Monday, January 17, 2011

All Ballet, All the Time! More on Our Apollo's Angels Event with Jennifer Homans and the Milwaukee Ballet on February 3rd.

After our shopping bag holiday window came down (I hated to see it go, so it lasted through the full 12 days of Christmas, we needed a good idea for what's next. Since we have the ballet event and had some nice ballet kids stuff, we put together an event promoting Jennifer Homans event for Apollo's Angels.

I wanted some of our plush animals posing in tutus, but I couldn't find tiny little tutus or tutu material for the right price. Then I went to the chain drugstore down the block and found a ballet doll marked down. I'm not going to tell you how little I spent on it (it looks it). First we sat Little Nina on the shelf, but it was only when we had her leaping across the window (I love fishing wire) that she came to life. It's still a bit of an odd window, I must admit, so I'm not posting a photo of it. We did sell a magnetic ballerina playset out of the window over the weekend, which I consider a triumph.

On Friday, I headed over to the Milwaukee Ballet Studio to take a few pictures and pick up materials about their upcoming show. I had never been in the space on National Avenue, the renovated former home of the Tivoli Palm Garden. There are two wonderful practice studios--here's a shot of some ballerinas in training. I took this photo from the viewing room upstairs.

In the end, our event really ties in with the Milwaukee Ballet program, as Homans wonders what's next for ballet in Apollo's Angels. What do you know, the Milwaukee Ballet is trying to answer that question with their upcoming show.

It's the fourth annual Genesis International Choreographic Competition, going on from February 10-13 at the Pabst Theater. In this competition, three choreographers chosen by artistic director Michael Pink to present an original 20 minute work with 8 dancers and a maximum of 90 hours rehearsal. The winner gets $3000 and a commission from the Milwaukee Ballet to create a new work. Get your tickets to the performances here.

Then on Saturday, somebody finally explained to me the plot of "The Black Swan," which is currently playing at the nearby Oriental Theatre. I was having trouble understanding the previews. But who has time for a movie? I'm using that time to put together our event with Homans and the Milwaukee Ballet. Thank you to Alyson and Leslie for all the hard work they've done helping put this together. And much appreciation to Ms. Homans too. So the program? There will be demos and dance too. I'm very excited and I hope you will be too. It's all happening Thursday, February 3rd, at 7 PM. Mark your calendars!

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