Saturday, January 29, 2011

Another Lil' Valentine's Day Post--Something for the Brainy Lover, and Also for the Lover who Finds Brains Delicious

So I came back from the east coast rather overwhelmed by Valentine's Day. I was shocked by how much display space was allocated to it, even in bookstores. We have a nice card spinner and a table of books and gifts, but it ain't nothing comparatively.

A few things have come in since I originally posted about it. We got these Valentine's puzzle lockets, with sweetie pie pictures of kittens and puppies. A little precious for me, but perhaps mitigated by the potential confoundedness of the puzzle.

There are some new brainy Valentine books in. Irving Singer's Philosophy of Love: A Partial Summing-Up is abridged from his 1984 opus, The Nature of Love. MIT professor Singer discusses romantic love, the Plantonic ideal, 19th-century remonatic love, and what the future holds, based on scientific research.

I'm also intrigued by Andrew Shaffer's Great Philosphers who Failed at Love. I don't know if this is failure, but did you know Jean-Paul Sartre adopted his mistress as his daughter? A. J. Jacobs calls the book, "Thought-provoking and mildly distubing." The book is printed with dark blue ink! I don't see that much, so I like to put these things on the table. To sweeten the deal, I might suggest pairing your book with Lil' Smoochers cinnamon candies. "They make kissers kissable." Patent pending.

Want something less brainy? How about no brain at all? You might want to pick up Every Zombie Eats Somebody Sometime: A Book of Zombie Love Songs, by Michael P. Spradlin. A sample:

"Oh yeah, I've turned into something,
You just won't understand.
When I say that you're delicious
I want to eat your hand,
I want to eat your hand,
I want to eat your hand!"

Perhaps you might want to add on a tin of Zombie Mints with that. And yes, they are brain flavored.

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