Monday, December 27, 2010

Resetting the Store, Post Christmas

Even if we have a relatively good day the day after Christmas, it's always going to seem dead compared to the weeks leading up to the holiday. Being a Packers Sunday just exacerbated the problem. On the other hand, movie traffic is good as the Downer Theatre is showing The King's Speech. It's so popular that it's playing at both screens.

Good thing we all had a lot to do. Stacie did more event signage and prep work, Sharon did the magazine returns she was not able to do in the day's leading up to Christmas, and Carl reset the bargain book tables.

There was a lot of resetting going on. We consolidated three Christmas tables into a book table that will probably stay up through New Year's, and two markdown tables that included boxed holiday cards, ornaments, some holiday plush, and assorted odds and ends, including some leftovers from other holidays. Items that were full price moved to 50% off, and some things at 50% moved to 75% off. We had a good season of Christmas stuff, but there were some duds, such as a pinecone candle. I don't know why it didn't work, as there were lots of similar items that sold through just fine.*

It's rather obligatory to do a New Year's table as well, with lots of self-help stuff. And in the spirit of why not, it seemed like it was time to put up the Valentine's table. We've got stuff, we've got space, it's only six weeks away. Unlike Christmas, it's a last-minute holiday, but we're showcasing a lot of romantic novels and couple biographies. Antony and Cleopatra, anyone?

The forest friends who were not Christmas specific got moved to a winter table, the Indian banks added some Indian novels, the matryoshkas got moved up to the front desk, and a small table was started to showcase the category winners of the 800-CEO-READ business book awards. That will probably get its own post, as soon as more of the winners arrive back in the store. That meant lots and lots of new signage. I can only be so catchy, so every so often, you have to fall back on "The combination Martin Luther King Day and African American history display" sign. It works, if you don't use it too often. That one isn't up yet, but it's ready to go.

Up next is kids, but I'll wait for Jocelyn and Amie to come back. For now, we're experimenting with Valentine's Day card multipacks, and they are in the general display.

*It turns out aliens are not the new robots. Both the collection of alien baby toys and the alien juicer did not work. Perhaps they'll find success at 50% off.

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