Friday, December 24, 2010

Last Minute Notes--A Ten-Point Blog

Just a last minute post of things I'm noticing...

1. Thank goodness for last-minute arrivals. We're all just crazy about McSweeneys 36, the "head box." I think that we've sold three of them to the Starbucks barristas next door. And not just because it's so amazing in concept--it also has the Michael Chabon unfinished manuscript, per Jason

2. Holy cow! I panicked that I overbought loose cards for months and now I have to put out all my clearance cards as we're pretty much sold through my original buy. I've also broken up several boxes of Christmas cards because at this point, 90% of the demand is for loose.

3. Apparently the demand for atlases consists of one week. I think I've fielded five requests in the last few days. The number of requests in the proceeding 51 weeks? Felt like zero. We quickly sold through what we have (including the $80 Oxford). I'm waiting for someone to bite on the $175 spectacu-ganza from National Geographic. I'm steering folks to Lost States, which as I predicted after our event last summer, has had a very nice holiday pop; it's a swell book at a great price point.

4. We had to consolidate our puzzle display to one table, and we're simply at a loss as to what to replace it with. I think a New Year's table needs to go up. Feel free to kick me if I call it "New Year, New You."

5. We're selling Chris Bohjalian backlist off the event display! We're also 10% towards filling up the Bohjalian lunch on 2/11. Here's the Facebook page for more info.

6. Ran out of gift stickers today. I looked at them recently and we had a roll of 1000 left. I forgot that to hit projection, we had to do substantially more gift business last year, as we were up against our amazing Thomas Keller event. Remember that? Then why don't publishers: We haven't been able to snag another author at that level (or close) for a restaurant event. I know this blog is for my customers, but you publishers are reading it too. We sold close to 400 copies. Think about it.

6a. We are substituting our gift card stickers when requested. They are smaller and white, and more goofy than gifty. But they work for some people. We won't run out of gift cards but I did not to place another order.

7. Last minute pops. We remembered to restock The Power of Kindness well. I will not mention the zombie Christmas carol book. Well, not by name. In general, we are out of almost nothing that I think we absolutely should have had on the last day. Thanks, Amie, Conrad, and especially Jason.

8. I did my first Ingram restock for a few gift items. We sold at least one of our Classic Poohs that came back in, but the plush Where is Green Sheep? Not yet. The newsletter moved some Fuzz that Wuzz (nice, Stacie!), and moving the Folkmanis finger puppets to the Forest Friends Christmas display was a good move. Thanks, Jocelyn and Amie!

9. Have we had requests for Google Editions? Yes, but surprisingly, it's been mostly from friends mine who live elsewhere and want to buy from us. Aren't you thoughtful! January.

10. We're open until 6! Merry Everything!

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