Thursday, December 30, 2010

Crossing Off Items (Last Minute, Of Course) on the To-Do List of 2010

You wouldn't believe how much there is to get done before the end of the year. If you're going to make substantial purchases, you probably want it to be included on the 2010 tax year. We went through our supply list, and replaced a shelving cart that's been falling apart about once per week.

Today Stacie and I finalized our event calendar for the printer and sent out an updated press release. In addition to newly added readings from a local poetry group and the monthly UWM Student Faculty reading, we picked up two celebrities. We're hosting a signing for Johnny Weir for his new book, Welcome to my World, on Tuesday, January 18th, at 5 PM. Unlike our last few signings, we've decided to not ticket this one.

Another event we've just added is selling books at the Pabst Theater for Bethenny Frankel. She's got two books out--The Skinnygirl Dish and Naturally Thin with another on the way in March. Our event, however, is January 27th. I guess there is a Skating with the Stars connection, but I am too much the gentleman to link to it.

We also need to do our last-minute donations. We had another big check for Tom Farmer's Partners in Health, our donation option on the Boswell Benefits program. We were able to send another $1100 to PIH, helping poor people access health care. Though we hoped to adjust organizations, the cholera outbreak in Haiti happened while we were deliberating and we decided that PIH could use the money.

Finally, I am glad to have crossed another item off the yearend to-do list. We've got an inventory scheduled. We went to three independent firms and found the best fit and the right price. That said, we'll be closing early, at 4 PM, on Sunday, January 9th.

I've got another big milestone purchase ahead of me this evening. Hope you're keeping busy too. You've got a lot to get done before 2011!

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