Friday, June 25, 2010

Poets and Writers Arrives in the Store, but Not Just Any Issue

Our magazine shipment for the week arrived yesterday and with it was the long-awaited July-August issue of Poets and Writers with the Boswell Book Company profile. We're on page 59.

It's the first fiction issue, featuring profiles from Michelle Hoover, Belle Boggs, the recently-hosted Aaron Michael Morales, and others. But everyone is a bit overshadowed by the cover guy, the bare-shirted, tattooed 23-year-old James Kaelan, who is touring for his book of stories by bicycle (west-coast only). It's a 21-city tour.

In the spirit of his low-carbon touring, I tried to do today's offsite at the UWM Extension by bus They had a well-received, one-day confernce on aging, , with a keynote talk by Sarah Lawrence-Lightfoot. We sold out of her new book, The Third Chapter. It's about making the most of your life after 50. I'm putting a copy on hold for a year.

Kaelan's book of stories, We're Getting On, has a limited first printing where the jacket has spruce seeds embedded in it, and for the Zero Emission tour, he's planting a cover in each of the 21 stops. The stories themselves? Haven't read them, but Poets and Writers describes them as Beckett-ian. But we can't tell if the POD editions from Ingram have the seed-studded covers. Help us!

Thanks to Poets and Writers for the lovely interview. If you are embarrassed that I am touting Little Bee months after it hit #1 on the bestseller list, might I mention that part of the interview took place last fall, before the book exploded in paperback.

Other features in this month's issue:
--Anatomy of an Author Agreement
--Necessary Agent: An Editor reveals how the best agents work behind the scenes to help their clients' books get the attention they deserve
--Seek and You Shall Sign: How agents find potential clients and what writers can do to seal the deal.

And for poets, there are features on C. K. Williams and Daniel Halpern's poetry series.

Here's a piece from the Fiction Writers Review blog about the Boswell article.

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