Monday, June 14, 2010

How Did Last Week Go? And What About This Week...

Our experiment with Sugar Maple proved to be a success, with some caveats. The space is great, Bruno and Adrienne are great, we had a good turnout, and everyone had a good time. One last shout out to Sugar Maple--here's a link to their website.

Caveat one--bars are dark! Everyone let Dan know that we apologize for the lighting, and we're now packing one of our Mighty Bright booklights in our offsite kit.

Caveat two--sales at bars are tough! I remember this from the Schwartz days. I'd like to experiment with a cover that includes a book, particularly for a high-profile author like Justin Cronin. Admittedly the event took place two days after the book came out, but still, there was certainly no shortage of press.
Here's a picture of Dan reading Await Your Reply at the bar.
Oh, and yes, we do have signed first editions of The Passage. And they are not tipped-in signatures.

Here's a picture of Alexis and I and the Penguin 75 Mini Cooper. Want to buy it? They are auctioning it off on Ebay after the tour.

Now this week--all events are at 7 PM:

Monday (tonight): Stephen McCauley, author of Insignificant Others.

Tuesday (tomorrow, 6/15): David Benjamin, author of Sumo

Wednesday (6/16): Martin Hintz, author of Forgotten Tales of Wisconsin (email us on this one).

Thursday (6/17): Alan Furst, author of Spies of the Balkans. Come to our in-store event at 7 or meet us at the party at The Safe House at 9. The book goes on sale tomorrow, 6/15.

In the afternoon of 6/17, we're selling books at Richard Cutler's talk at Eastcastle, at 2 PM.

Friday (6/18): Howard Bryant, author of The Last Hero: The Life of Henry Aaron.

Saturday (6/19): I'm selling fresh bargain books at Urban Garage Sale at Turner Hall.

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