Friday, June 11, 2010

Matching Gift Items to Tattoos, a Continuing Challenge

One of my favorite customers came in to introduce me to her daughter. They were sad that they missed the Penguin Mini this morning. It's hard to get a crowd at our store at 11 AM on a weekday, but our "Buy a Penguin, get a Penguin Classic book bag" proved to be very popular and we'll run it until we run out of bags (tomorrow). We've also still got some free posters.

Her daughter came in, ready to play her ukelele. "At first it was a joke, but now I like it", she observed. I notice that with a lot of our gift items, there's a fine line between joke and obsession. Take the thumb puppets. We just got in the big giraffe today, which by the way, is an excellent bender. No surprise, the robot turned out to be very stiff. It turns out she's got a giraffe tattoo.

"What, no pirate? I thought you liked pirates," her mom asked.

"Oh, that's my other tattoo. The giraffe looks like my tattoo, and also matches my dress, " The blue one, that is. The red didn't match so much, and we weren't sent any yellow.

That was one of the best parts of the conversation. The other part was how excited she got by David Lodge.

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