Monday, December 7, 2009

Things for Sale That Aren't Books Update

1. Robots are back. After being out of stock for a few weeks on anything but gray, we've gotten in a fresh shipment of X7 robots. As you know, they are far superior to the X6 robots, utilizing the latest in string technology for full body motion. There are no more gray small robots. What once was the much maligned sibling is now a collector's item. Blue and red only.

Shown are the robots in their vacuum-sealed pods.

1a. We've also bought a display of Whatsits, which utilize the same technology but they are more like connected rectangular blocks that make all sorts of shapes. Look for a picture in this week's email newsletter.

2. Our South African tribal candles were a big hit so we went back and cleaned out the warehouse. Pictured are our blue and white line, which I call Hanukkah/pagan. We also have green-and-red Christmas, and shades of brown on our Africa table.
If our sell-through is good on this, we're hoping to bring in some pastels for spring.

3. Zewing Girl (or rather her husband, Not-Zewing Guy) delivered a new assortment of her wonderful hand-made keychains. We've got a great assortment of vintage fabrics, some of which are shown left. There are many more in the store.

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