Friday, December 4, 2009

I Got to Talk to Susan Stamberg and Everyone Listened in on the Conversation

Here's the Link to the Indie Bookstore Holiday Pick Roundup. You can listen to me recommend Little Bee, as if you haven't heard me recommend it before. I've also got my other favorite books to talk about--hope I didn't make to many factual errors.

Needless to say, I was a little starstruck about the whole experience. And not just about Ms. Stamberg, though let's just say I am still a bit overwhelmed by those kinds of interactions. No, I was sort of starstruck at being grouped with regulars Lucia Silver and Rona Brinlee.

Especially Rona Brinlee of the Book Mark in Atlantic Beach, Florida. I still remember her 2008 piece where she talked up Wrack and Ruin and City of Thieves, books that are familiar to folks who shop Boswell regularly because I always want to talk about them. This year's book that she hyped that I'm obsessed with was Jonathan Tropper's This is Where I Leave You...except with everything going on, I didn't read it yet.

But Rebecca in our store loved it and my sister Merrill loved it and Dave loved it at Next Chapter. For me, that's an equation for sure-fire pleasing.

My next visit to Southern California is definitely including a pilgrimage to Studio City. And if I were living in Florida, I'd be driving hours to visit the Book Mark. Hint to everyone I know who lives in Florda.

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Kristina Kromer said...

I was just about to put a comment on facebook about you, Daniel! I heard you on the show, and was thrilled, thrilled, thrilled for Boswell! Oh, and your good recommendations.