Monday, July 20, 2009

Question: Why aren't We on Twitter?


1. Why would anybody want to hear so much from a person? Customers get mad at us if we send an email more than once a week.

2. I'm weirded out by the idea of followers.

3. From a design standpoint, it seems so plain.

4. I don't have the right kind of cell phone. Mine generally says "Check SIM card" and I miss about 90% of my calls.

5. David Schwartz channels me from beyond the grave, begs me to "Luddite it up."

6. Aren't people getting bored of this? I can't even log onto Facebook more than once a week. (Open secret--I don't run our Facebook account. It was done by Sarah, and after she moves to Oklahoma (see the blog), it will fall into the hands of Greg.)

7. I have a love/hate relationship with technology.

I've written more in the last six months on the blog than I did in the last five years previous. There is only one other time I wrote so much and that's when I kept a journal in the late eighties. I'd write for a half hour every day at the Heinmann's II in the Park East Building. They had very good donuts. Then I'd head over to the Office Essentials store, which had a very good selection of office supplies.

So my apologies, but we're not there yet. And when we are, it's probably not going to be me writing the entries. I'm busy enough!

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Greg said...

Actually, we do have BoswellBooks reserved on Twitter, if we ever want to use it.

Daniel Goldin said...

Greg, you're a star!