Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Bookstore Rises in Georgia, and another in Brooklyn

Just when we were getting started, we got a visit from Janet Geddis, visiting her sister in Wauwatosa. She was interested in starting a bookstore in Athens, Georgia, and heard about our opening. We had a great time talking, and I hope I gave her some useful advice.

Her plans haven't slown down. The store is called Avid Bookshop and she hopes to have it open in the spring of 2010. Read about her quest in the trade paper Bookselling this Week. Oh, and she's also Twittering.


Boswell got more than our fair share of press at its opening (and I'm grateful), but the longest-running story has been Jessica Stockton Bagnulo's journey to a bookstore in Fort Greene, now called Greenlight.

Read her personal journey here, in what is by far one of the best regarded bookseller blogs. And here's her official bookstore blog.

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Avid Bookshop said...

Hey, Daniel! I just came across this blog entry--somehow I missed it two months ago. Things are still going strong here in Athens--we're looking at a late summer 2010 opening. I'll keep you posted. (And thanks for the mention!)