Friday, July 31, 2009

One Last Tweak to the Eco Hatchery Workshop--Admission Fee is Now Gift Card

Note: OK, this didn't work either! We're postponing the event for retooling. So no workshops on August 5th and 12th. We're hoping to put together a better package to entice you to reduce your carbon footprint.


Our Eco Hatchery workshop starts Wednesday, August 5th. You've probably read about it in our email newsletter, and seen the Eco Kit in our store (and probably at a few other places around town). It's a collection of tools to help you redo your home and life and save hundreds of dollars a year.

The original price of the workshop was $120. That's pretty steep, but the kit itself is $97.50. The problem for us is that Ecopreneur Adam Borut didn't originally price out the kit for resale, and built a very slim margin into the product. If you listen to small retailers complain, you know that besides sales, margin is our obsession. It's what determines whether we make or lose money.

So we added the $20 workshop charge. That's two weeks of hand-holding from Adam, explaining how everything works, then giving you a week to play with the stuff, then another session of quesions and answers. We originally though the cost might be offset with grants from Wisconsin Electric or some other such entity that is interested in promoting energy savings and carbon footprint reducing.

No go. So that price point is a little intimidating. I'm going to make it less so. Register for the program, and you'll get the $20 back as a gift card to use in our store. So now the workshops are effectively free with the purchase of the kit.

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