Saturday, November 30, 2013

My Favorite Christmas and Holiday Cards (Loose Edition).

One of the things I mentioned about holiday cards is that you have to be a little more conservative when buying boxed cards. It's in the loose cards that you can go a little crazy. Not only are they willing to go a little quirkier on one card, they'll pay more for one too.
This is from a card line we get from the Pacific Northwest. The artist is Nicholas John Frith. It reminds me a bit of the Hello Luck designs. There's also an old Hanna Barbara feel about them, isn't there?
This is from a Canadian distributor. The artist, Graham Dale, mimics famous artistic works, substituting in snowmen.
Another snowman image. These are from two different lines. The artist on the left is Deme (?) Schlehofer. I may have miscopied that! The artist on the right is Frank Viva, famous for his New Yorker covers and children's books.

I've mentioned in the past how much I love Ghost Academy cards. What I didn't notice before is how secretive they are about their names. It's a husband and wife, but they don't identify themselves in their website, blog, or Facebook page, and they even own a second business, a floral studio. From an interview on the Ecka and Peck page (that's another card line), it appeared to me that Megan is the artist of the two. 

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