Thursday, October 24, 2013

Today is Our Event with Donald Driver.

Today is our Donald Driver signing. We decided to close at Noon so we could make this work. It's a very large event, and we wanted as little to go wrong as possible. Bag check? Check. Hall passes to go to Starbucks? Check. Lots of signage? Check. Themed Duck Tape indicating where the line goes? Check. Even more signage? Check.

Are you attending? Don't forget there is no memorabilia, no books from home, and no personalizations. There are no posed photos,and we ask you to not have a camera phone out on the line, much like Lauren Conrad's event.

That said, Troy Freund of Troy Freund Photography will be taking candid shots of folks getting their books signed. Afterwards, these photos will be posted on the website. You'll be able to get a low-res picture free, but of course you can trade up to something higher res.

We were sold out for a while, but then it turned out that Mr. Driver's schedule was adjusted so that we could have slightly more time to accommodate more attendees. So yesterday we opened up more tickets. I'm glad I was able to make some more people happy.

We cannot offer any more signed copies, though we have a small stand-by list if we have leftover books after all the math is done. We had to figure in some damaged copies, for example and a possible shortage in our last second reorder.

It's all very exciting, but needless to say, I'm a little stressed! Let's hope everything goes swimmingly? Or should I have used a football metaphor. Let's redo that. Let's hope that this event is a touchdown!

I'll see you 700 books later.

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