Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday Gift Post--Halloween/Fall Table, Plus a Little Tiki Action.

It's a short gift post today, as even a series of 12-hour days didn't give me enough time to get everything done. I'm covering for folks at the Heartland Fall Forum today, and we've got Susan Falkman's event for her Body Memories book, co-sponsored by the Wisconsin Breast Cancer Coalition.

After that, I race down to an O'Hare hotel for a Heartland Fall Forum dinner. There are a good number of authors we've hosted in the past whom it will be nice to see again. If any of the kids authors attend the dinner, I will likely see them again next week, as we are packed with Heartland add-ons.

This week Anne put up a combination fall/Halloween table by the front door. I tend to zig and zag regarding Halloween merchandise, but this year I stepped back and only brought in a jack-o-lantern mug. In addition, I thought our owl mugs also seemed appropriate. In addition to the blue design, there is also one in green. We also have some monster wind ups.

Another display that went up this week was a small assortment of tiki items. There's currently a lull in tiki publishing, so it turned out to be not the book tie in that I hoped. That said, there are pens, boxes, and a few mugs. Alas, a few of the last item came damaged.

The boxes also turned out to be rather delicate, but I think the pens are sturdy. Resin items are relatively cheap, but as I've learned from the dinosaur pens, you must pay them the proper respect.

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