Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Little Post Obsessing About Our Boswell Bag, Now in Wood Violet.

First it was burnt orange. Then it was a different shade of orange, slightly brighter (long story). Then it was Arctic blue. Then it was apple green.. And now we bring you wood violet. It's the reusable plastic Boswell bag.

Our smaller bags are paper, and for the holidays, we also have our larger paper handled bags--we bought a two-year supply of the Aaron Boyd Wind in the Willows bag. And lots of folks don't take bags, or take reusable cloth ones. But yes, we also have plastic bags too, and especially when it's raining or snowing, there's a strong demand for them.

Perhaps one day we'll have an ordinance requiring us to charge for the bags, or perhaps they will be banned altogether, though that doesn't seem likely in our current administration. At least we make them strong enough to reuse. One thing that customers may not know is that because we keep them strong, they are actually substantially more expensive than our smaller paper bags.

One way to get folks to reuse them is to make them pretty, which is why we change the print color for each lot. This time we went with wood violet, which printed almost like an eggplant. It's an autumnal purple, which seems perfect. It's another color you don't usually see on packaging (like lime green) and I recently learned that purple is Jason's favorite color, though I think he tends towards the bright hues.

We should be in good shape through Christmas now. And I'm sure you're not surprised that I'm keep a copy from each print run. Next up, our medium bag should be showing up in a French blue hue sometime in November and December, depending on how quickly we work through our red bags.

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HP said...

Those green bags sure are lovely