Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday--Just a Little Post About Kati Marton and the Publicist Who Saved the Day.

If you get a chance to see Kati Marton on the tour for Paris: A Love Story (signed copies available!), I strongly advise you to drop everything and go. We had a very nice crowd who were swept away, both by her story and her charisma. One attendee asked if she would enter politics. I didn't think that was a bad idea.

It's obviously too late to see her in Milwaukee, but she's still got a week of touring ahead. Here's a nice alternative--you can listen to her on Kathleen Dunn's program on Wisconsin Public Radio.

But that's not what this post is about. It's about running out of books. Or rather, it's about us not running out of books. Because we had a big run in the title for the last two weeks and I needed more at the last minute. But then it turned out that both the publisher and our wholesalers were out too. Now of course we still had a good amount of books, and we've run out at events periodically. We usually send books to a future event, or the author's house, get them signed, and have them sent back. It works, and sometimes it's a lot of fun. We've sometimes encouraged stores later in the tour to stock up more heavily, like when John Scalzi's Redshirts broke out.

But in this case, we went to Elizabeth in publicity and she found us some books somewhere. Yes, we paid overnight shipping, but think of how much money publishers spend on tours. Think of how much time and energy most authors put into each event. Sometimes you have to do whatever it takes, right? So a big thank you to Elizabeth, who really went out of her way to make our event work.

And the best news of all? We finished in time for many of the attendees to watch Clinton's speech at the DNC.

Taylor Antrim's piece in Vogue

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And best of all, Bill Glauber's interview with Marton in the Journal Sentinel, just out!

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