Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday Gift Post--a File Folder, a Crow, a Bookmark, and a Gift Bag

When I was putting together my photos of the Halloween table, I decided that I didn't do justice from this metal and wood crow from Creative Coop. So here's a better shot.

As I've mentioned previously, after we started displaying file folders using a stand, our sales have been better. The only problem was that there aren't many vendors that sell them, and Galison hasn't really been coming out with too many new styles. Then I went through my Compendium catalog and noticed a few eye-catching styles. Since we already order from them for the Positively Green cards, it wasn't hard to take a chance. The top is "gold geometry" while the bottom is "painted garden."
Mel was very happy that we got our new Spitfire Girl order of wooden bookmarks. The new catalog had a lot more home goods, like pillows, but despite being eye-catching, we all agreed that we probably were not the right store for them. The bookmarks, however, sell quite well, and we brought in a few more of the wooden greeting cards. The only problem is that there weren't any new bookmark designs in the new catalog, which means that not enough stores are selling them. If you are another bookstore, could I suggest you giving them a try?
And finally, I've been trying to figure out how to better merchandise that big oval display table in the cooking section. What is, for most of the year, a cookbook display, becomes our Christmas card space in September. the understock, however, is still not well utilized. It was originally built for art and photography books at the Iron Block location of Harry W. Schwartz, by the way. I added some temporary hooks and am trying to display gift bags on the side. Then Amie told me she did this back when she was manager of the Downer Schwartz, and there still is some wire to prove it.
It's been a long week!

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Rebecca said...

Crows are back?! I'll be in soon.