Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday GIft Post--A Few New Everyday Items and a Bunch of Halloween Stuff.

Today I moved around some displays. The markdown table was dismantled until after Christmas. The dog and brain tables were moved to new locations, both slightly abridged from their previous locations. I also made a few price reductions. I think the dog magnets, while approved of by the staff, might go better at $9.95 than their previous price point.

Speaking of magnets, we put out our new display of Ipops, super strong magents with an artistic flair. We've got an assortment of several contemporary designers like Kate Endle and Berkley Illustration (you'll recognize the former's designs from our cards), as well as some with motifs from the Neustadt Collection of the Tiffany glass studio.

As I stock up on basics for fourth quarter, we've been bringing in new assortments of various lines. We've got a Folkmanis fox that captured Sharon's eye, and a hippo that made Halleys' day. And Amie admired one of the new Polish wooden boxes in our latest shipment (the red one in the picture, to be exact.

Continuing our move around the store, it was time for our NPR kids table to move to a new location, formerly occupied by the brain table near the front door. And that left a hole at the front desk. It's a little early for Halloween, but I ran out of energy and told Anne to set it up there, as there are a lot of little items that seem to belong at the front desk. On the other hand, maybe we should flip it with foxy fall and move Halloween up to the front later. I'm honestly too tired to sort it out!

It seems too early to put Halloween items on the blog, but I figure if it's on display in the store, it's fair game. Pictured is another Polish wooden box, this one a casket with a skull on it, plus crow tealight holders. We've also got some pumpkin flavored gumballs, black cat pens, and keylights, both black cat and pumpkin.

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