Friday, September 21, 2012

Boswell Book's Life in Pictures.

I haven't been taking photos of every event, but I've got enough of late to make a bit of a photo gallery.

Though some authors have signing restrictions at events, Terry Brooks, in town to promote Wards of Faerie, encourages his fans to bring in all their books to be signed. We put out the word and one fan came in with 32 books waiting for signatures. He didn't win this unofficial contest. Another attendee had 34 books to be signed. You can imagine that Terry and Judine are probably a bit tired after all that. Tired by happy. They would like to remind folks to see Gail Tsukiyama on September 27 at the Milwaukee Public Library Centennial Hall, by the way. The talk, a conversation with Jane Hamilton, begins at 6:30 pm.

I'm not a great photographer and I don't have a great camera, but doesn't this photo of Emma Straub, hugging Stacie while at Boswell for Laura Lamont's Life in Pictures, exude joy? You can see where Emma gets it, straight from her mom Susan, who by the end of the evening, had befriended every single bookseller. And it was pretty cool to have Emma's dad Peter also at the event. Straub senior signed our copies of Mrs. God.

And here's your more traditional posing with a book shot. It's a Sarah, Sharon, and a Sasha with Emily. The bound manuscript came from the publisher; many active readers on sites like Good Reads now get access to the same kinds of advance copies that go to booksellers and critics. Mandel was in town for The Lola Quartet, and while it was at the rather unusual reading slot of Saturday at 7 pm, when the author is good, you make it work. Next up, 2 AM readings?

It's our traditional reading shot. You send this to publishers to prove you had a decent turnout and are not in fact fudging the numbers. This is our event for Kevin Powers, in town for The Yellow Birds, who joined Gary Shellman. Both authors were very gracious. I would say everyone was very gracious, except for one customer, who let us know he didn't like the combo. It's hard to do better with two days notice.

And finally, a nice shot of Nick Bruel at the Greenfield Public Library, explaining the foods from A to Z that Bad Kitty doesn't want to eat. Did I mention that while Emma Straub is a bookseller at Book Court (and quite the hand seller), Bruel worked for a number of years at New York's Books of Wonder? He convinced me that I really did want Bad Kitty for President in 2012.

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