Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday Gift Post--The Eagle Has Landed, and the Bookish Rubber Ducks are Back.

Greetings from the UWM Spring Writers Festival. I got to watch the St. Patrick's Day parade from the seventh floor of the Plankinton Building. Very exciting!

While doing all these conferences, we are gathering materials for a confirmation email that is similar to the ones we do for author events. Among our requests is to query presenters on books they might be recommending, and query authors to make sure they know we are the folks selling the book. Hey, you learn something new every year.

But this is Saturday, and that means gift posts. Being out of the store, I actually haven't been able to see what's come in this week, and some things haven't been received. But I know we got a new Folkmanis puppet order and that included this majestic eagle puppet.

We've also gotten our second shipment of wooden boxes from Poland. Also more Indian leather banks. And finally we have gotten our backorder of book-reading rubber ducks. These ducks from Rich Frog are made out of natural latex, not petroleum.

There's at least one more order that needs to go out. But with the four more days of offsite sales and two events in the meantime, we'll see when they hit the light of day.

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