Monday, August 22, 2011

Margot Peters to Read From Her Memoir in Letters, "Summer", on Wednesday, August 24, 7 pm, at Boswell.

With me gone for the week, we've kept our event schedule to a manageable load. There's just one event this week, but it's a local favorite with a nice theatrical addition.

Margot Peters is well-known for her biographies. I remember our event at Schwartz for Design for Living: Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontaine, but her legacy also includes May Sarton, The House of Barrymore, and Unquiet Soul: A Life of Charlotte Brönte.

It turns out that Peters has her own story to tell, and it starts on Bradford Beach where two young lovers meet in 1949. Jennie McAllister (Ms. Peters) and Rob Falkner (who prefers to remain anonymous) connect. "What harm is there in writing letters?," one asks, and so the correspondence starts up when Rob goes back to Des Moines and Jennie attends Downer Seminary (UWM).

Their relationship continues for over a decade, and Peters has collected and edited the correspondence into Summers: A True Love Story. On Wednesday, August 24, 7 pm, Peters will appear with beloved local actors Ruth Schudson and Dan Mooney for a special dramatic reading. Stacie hopes to see you there.

(And don't forget about Peters's new biography of Lorine Niedecker, coming later this fall.

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