Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New display!

Our reading group table is back.  With the new brochure (launched at Julie Orringer's wonderful talk last weekend) we have a whole batch of new perfect-for-book-club titles to offer.  Just about everything is out in paper, except for Room and Half a Life, both arriving shortly.

New buttons!

With our Fomato buttons on clearance (we only have a few left and most of them talk up "pomade"), we put out our new buttons, which are done by Emily Martin of Black Apple fame.  We actually had the Black Apple Paper Doll primer in last fall, and didn't restock.  I have just remedied that.

Martin's work just screams for a greeting card, and while she does produce some of her own prints and even some notebooks, that work seems confined to her Etsy site.  See more here.
What's going on with the reading glasses?

When I didn't receive my last order for reading glasses after a month, I followed up with a query.  Nothing.  I finally called the customer service number and suddenly two plus two equaled four.  These folks are out of business.  Sure enough, I can no longer locate their website either.  We're looking for another vendor for reading glasses.  Good luck, Paula (our telephone rep).

All that was combined with me putting off our order because I was looking for another vendor anyway. So anyway, that's why we're running low.

Mo Books, Mo Windows, Mo Events!

I just can't do justice to our cute display window for Mo Willems appearance this Thursday at 4 pm.  Here's my advice to all retailers--anything looks better when you cut out letters and let them hang from the ceiling.  It doesn't hurt that all his books look so great, and the pop (point of purchase) material is also wonderful.

So don't forget our event this Thursday.  Willems will not be able to sign memorabilia, plush, or board books.  One book can be personalized from home with a purchase from Boswell. All this is due to time constraints.  And since we've had warnings of craziness, I guess I should add the obvious caveat--the doors close when we reach capacity.  But you'll still be able to get books signed.  We'll have a line outside, and let folks in as space opens up.

Willems' new book is Hooray for Amanda and Her Alligator.  I talked to the folks at Yottoy (who do Mo plush) and they said an Amanda and Alligator plush is already in the works.

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