Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just a Few Other Bookish (or Cardish) Things Happening this Week

Remember yesterday, when I mentioned that we didn't have any events on Friday, May 13th?  Well, that doesn't mean there aren't great author events as the fine writer Jennifer Haigh will be at Next Chapter in Mequon for her new novel, Faith. It's about an Irish-American family in Boston, and the sister that attempts to redeem the name of her disgraced brother, a beloved Catholic priest.  I enjoyed reading Mrs. Kimble and Baker Towers, and had a great time at Haigh's event for her last novel, The Condition. This is a $5 ticketed event, so visit Next Chapter's website or call them at (262) 241-6220 for more information. Kirkus calls Faith, "beautifully, sometimes achingly poignant."  More here.

Did I tell you about the lovely cards we brought in from local painter James Steeno?  Boswellian Anne spotter his work at an art show last summer, and this spring we finally brought in his cards.  These are watercolors from previous Plein Aire competitions.  Remember when that used to be on Downer Avenue?  Those were the days.  So anyway, I was chatting with Steeno and asked him to let me know when his next show is.  Lucky you, it's this Saturday and Sunday, May 14 and 15, at the Grove Arts Festival at the Elm Grove Women's Club. It's 10 am to 5 pm on Saturday and 11 am to 4 pm on Sunday.

And here's an event that I'm definitely attending.  When I got the email from Lake Forest Bookshop that Elinor Lipman was appearing at Ragdale (1260 North Green Bay Road, Lake Forest) for an open-to-the-public event this Thursday, May 12, at 10 am, I immediately reserved a place.You can reserve one too!  As you may remember, Lipman was one of the ribbon cutters for our grand opening.  Her joyous novel The Family Man is available in paperback. Lake Forest is about an hour south of Milwaukee. More information on the Make it Better website.

There's a lot going on Saturday too.  Woodland Pattern is hosting local fave Nick Demske with Chicago's Travis Nichols this Saturday, May 14, at 7 pm.  Nick's not just a great poet himself, but a champion of other poets as well.  More at his blog Nicki-poo. Nichols read at Boswell last fall, and you can see the poetic influences in his novel, Off We Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder, which makes sense, as he's an editor at he Poetry Foundation.

Also on Saturday, don't forget about the Socrates Cafe, which meets on Saturday, May 14, at 1:30.  It's back to meeting at Boswell, and I can tell you the philosophical conversations are heated. New members are welcome.

Want us to talk up one of your bookish events?  I can't promise anything, but we can't mention it if we don't know about it. We also welcome submissions to our much-read-over vestibule.  Drop a sign up to 11x17 off at our front desk and we'll review it.  Just be aware that if you post a sign yourself, it's not going to stay up for very long, as the board is carefully curated. One of our customers with a long Schwartz legacy was recently visiting, and remarked again how the messy vestibules used to drive him crazy and how pleased he would have been to see how organized ours is.

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