Saturday, June 19, 2010

We've Got Our Own Paper Bags

Much as I love our Eat Sleep Read bags, it was time, after one year in business, to get our own Boswell paper bag. This was our first chance to use the complete design for our logo from Joe and Tuc at Deep Sea Studios. Previous to that, on our gift cards and tee shirts, we've been using the just-the-b's version, without Bos or our address/phone info.

The small bags are chocolate brown and the large ones are olive green. Initial feedback seems to be that they are stronger than our previous kraft paper bags. We had them done through George at Brew City Promotions, of course.

For now, we're keeping the Eat Sleep Read plastic bags, but if we change over, I already have the color picked out. I'll leave it's revalation for another dramatic blog post.

Note that our bags do have the Indie Bound logo on them from the American Booksellers Association, as well as logos from the Downer Avenue Merchants Association and Our Milwaukee. Neighborhood, metro area, trade assocation--that pretty much sums it up, right?

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