Saturday, June 5, 2010

Add Another Leaf to the Intergalactic Table--More Chicks at This Sundays Dr. Who Talk

This Sunday at 2 PM, we're hosting our talk for the book Chicks Dig Time Lords.

The idea came from Kathy, one of our customers who is definitely a timelord-digging chick. I've known Kathy since I was a wee bookseller working at the Iron Block Schwartz in the mid eighties when, honestly, I didn't really know the names of many of our customers. I've gotten better at this. Kathy, thanks for the suggestion!

My first thought was to head to contributor Carole E. Barrowman, one of the contributors, a reviewer for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and already an alumna of the Boswell Author Event U., for the memoir I Am What I Am (the paperback isn't quite out yet, but will be shortly). Her essay is on growing up with Dr. Who, and how her viewpoint was changed by having a brother linked to the series.

Barrowman did a lot of emailing back and forth with the editors, Lynne Thomas and Tara O'Shea, and came up with a date of Sunday, June 6th at 2. Hey, that's tomorrow! Thomas contributed a piece on marrying into the Tardis tribe, while Tara O'Shea looks back at her first Dr. Who convention twenty years ago.

Then last week (or slightly before--my days are running together like when you only have leftovers and you mix together two kinds of Chinese takeout, hoping that the flavors will blend together and not be icky) Barrowman asked if we could add a couple of more chicks to the panel.


Jody Lynn Nye contemplates why the fanbase has such a large contingent of women (percentage-wise) compared to other sf phenoms like Star Trek.

And Kathryn Sullivan looks at how fanzines contributed to the series' continued popularity.

That's right, we've got five contributors to Chicks Dig Time Lords coming. Read more in this interview with Tara O'Shea on the blog Scyfilove. And here's the Journal Sentinel piece shout out.

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