Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Journals Journals Journals! Granta, Tin House, Verse Wisconsin, Acreage

I don't know if we mentioned this, but we almost had the honor of hosting John Freeman, the editor of Granta, at Boswell. It wound up not working out, but I had the pleasure of working with Patrick Ryan, who it turns out, was the same Patrick Ryan who we hosted several years ago at the Harry W. Schwartz Readers Retreat at the American Club in Kohler!

I had been wondering what he was working on since Send Me, his wonderful collection of stories. I feel like a dodo for admitting this, but I had no idea he was writing young adult novels under P. E. Ryan. I ordered the most recent, In Mike We Trust, for purchase. Can't wait!

Patrick informed me that the new issue of Granta, #111, subtitled "Going Back" should be at Boswell in mid-July. It features new work from Elizabeth McCracken, Richard Russo, Adrienne Rich, as well as an excerpt from a new biography of Mark Twain. Here's a link to the Granta site.

If you missed #110, the Sex issue, we still have it. Contributors include Jennifer Egan, Mark Dota, Roberto Bolano, Jeanette Winterson, and Chris Offutt. I wondered what happened to him!

The Tin House summer reading issue (#44) also recently arrived. There's an excerpt of Per Petterson's new book, I Curse the River of Time, plus stories from Steven Millhauser, Lydia Millett, and Rawi Hage. Poetry too.

Speaking of poetry, sales are pretty good on the locally produced Verse Wisconsin. B.J. Best and Marilyn Taylor are both involved in this. It was nice to read something from our DeWitt Clinton, who I've seen in the store, and of course something from Susan Firer. We've still got a few copies left!

On the virtual front, a link to a new journal out of Oklahoma with Schwartz and Boswell ties appeared in my inbox. It's called Acreage Journal. In the quest for simplicity, the editors have chosen to remain anonymous, but I can say the contributors include Bayard Godsave, who read at Boswell last year with Joe Meno. Here'a link to Bayard's story. Their next issue appears August 1st, and are currently taking submissions.

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