Thursday, October 1, 2015

Virtual Boswell Display Tour for Early October 2015.

1. It's Banned Book Week. We talked about taking a full window but we needed that for The Marvels (see below).  Instead we put the books in inaccessible cubes. I did not that the examples from our booklet are mostly about challenges in the United States and Canada, not outright bans.

2, HarperCollins suggested we do a display for Kevin Henkes' Waiting. Carly and Sharon found plush animals that approximated the characters in the book and Carly cut out cloud shapes that matched the cover images. I hate taking pictures of window displays - so much glare! Alas, Mr. Henkes is not coming to the Milwaukee area this fall, but he is visiting Winnetka on October 13, Naperville on October 14, and Madison on October 24, so you can see him there. Please tell him that Boswell sent you.

3. I mentioned we had a window up for The Marvels. Because it's theater themed, we needed curtains, which Anne procured from The House of Amie. Our event at the Pitman Theatre at Alverno College on October 12 is now free, but we're asking you to register. It's going to be a great show!

4. We have two Halloween displays up, one in the front of the store and another in the kids' section. All well and good, but I just wanted to point out that we're completely in love with these zombie products. There are bibs and sippy cups and plate sets and utensils and water bottles. So cute!

I was sad to say goodbye to our novels about math and San Francisco, which I should note are two different displays, but new ones are always coming. Interestingly enough, in the fourth quarter you don't get to be as creative, as calendars, holiday boxed cards, gift books, ornaments, and best of the year selections will fill the space. But come next February or so, we'll have to put our thinking caps back on again.

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