Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Letter You'd Get Today if You Were Attending Tonight's Christopher Moore Event.

Say you were going to our Christopher Moore event for Secondhand Souls. You'd have a lot of questions, right? So I thought I'd post the letter I write to folks when they sign up for a Brown Paper Tickets event.

Greetings to Christopher Moore Fans,

We are excited about tonight's event celebrating Secondhand Souls**, the sequel to A Dirty Job. Here are some details you probably want to know.

1. We're going to start setting up the seating at 3 and hope to be done by 4. You can hold seats but we are not responsible for monitoring this, and really don't suggest it. There should not be a bad seat in the house, though some are better than others.

2. We'll start handing out line letters at 4 pm. Please hold onto your line letter when leaving the store for any reason, as that is your ticket to get you back in.

3. The store closes to the general public at 5:30. It's one admission ticket per attendee. If someone is driving you, that person can hang out in Starbucks next door. If they want to attend, there is a $20 gift card option if you as a couple don't want two books. But don't forget, Secondhand Souls makes a great-if-slightly-bizarre gift.

4. Moore will sign all books brought, but will only personalize two. Collectors (more than five books) will be asked to wait until the end of the line.

5. You line letter determines your place. Each letter represents 20 slots, starting with A. We will have preboarding for the pregnant and infirm, as they say when you're jetting off somewhere.

6. The publisher has provided us with some Sophie selfie sticks. We'll have a drawing for them. Your number will be on the back of your line letter.

7. Parking hints! There is a garage across the street, and for those who like these sorts of things, there is a small surface lot two blocks north of us across from Sendiks. We recommend when looking of parking that you think "south" and "east" instead of "north" and "west." In particular, there is a great deal of parking along Downer Avenue two blocks south of the bookstore.*

8. Get ready to have a great time! And please let friends know that the Brown Paper Tickets link will be up till 3 pm.

Best, and apologies in advance for typos,

The Boswell Booksellers, sometimes known as The Boswellians.

*This is excellent advice for anyone attending an event at Boswell.

**Not able to attend? You can still order a signed copy.

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