Saturday, August 2, 2014

Media Round Up from the Shepherd Express, WUWM, and Wisconsin Public Radio.

From the Shepherd Express Book Preview, a highlight of next Monday's event with Deborah Harkness, author of The Book of Life. Jenni Herrick writes "Blending Old World knowledge with modern science, this heart-pounding, sprawling saga is filled with suspense, romance, magic and mystery. Diana and Matthew, the much beloved husband and wife duo who have recently returned from time-walking in 16th-century Europe, now face new crises and reunite with old friends as they ultimately come to realize the extreme power that one’s actions have over generations to come. The Book of Life is a lively and enchanting story with broad appeal to fantasy fans everywhere." Our event is Monday, August 4, 7 pm. It's free, but it might fill up, so come early.

Reviewed in the Shepherd Express this week, Steve Kushing's Pioneers of the Blues Revival is list priced at $75, and because the book is net priced to us, the actual selling price in our store is higher. It's not about the Black blues musicians, but the White enthusiasts of the 1950s. Luhrssen calls the stories "eye opening."

On WUWM's Lake Effect, Tuesday was "Wisconsin Authors Day." The stories included:
--James Marten, author of America's Corporal: James Tanner in War and Peace
--Bobby Tanzilo, author of The Hidden History of Milwaukee
--Mona Simpson, author of Casebook
--Sandy Brehl, author of Odin's Promise.

The write: "It’s an all Wisconsin authors edition of the show, starting with Marquette professor James Marten’s book that tells the story of a little known witness to President Lincoln’s death.’s managing editor Bobby Tanzilo takes us on a virtual tour of some of hidden Milwaukee. The young hero of Green Bay native Mona Simpson’s newest novel tries to figure out his parents – and life – using the best sleuthing techniques, and Milwaukee area writer Sandy Brehl’s new novel takes young readers to Norway during the German occupation of World War II."

The authors continued on Wednesday, when James Magruder discussed Let Me See it, his linked stories about two cousins, and Amanda Petrusich was on for her new book (which has a staff rec from Josh), Do Not Sell at Any Price: The Wild, Obsessive Hunt for the World's Rarest 78 rpm Records.

The music continue into Thursday, when Tom Doyle is interviewed for Man on the Run: Paul McCartney in the 1970s. The author observes: "He is twenty-seven years old, and he's suddenly redundant"

I guess you are beginning to observe that the Milwaukee critics like books on music.

Moving to Wisconsin Public Radio, Central Time hosted the following authors this past week: --Seyed Hossein Mousavian, author of Iran and the United States
--Peter Rhee,the surgeon who treated Gabrielle Giffords, author of Trauma Red: The Making of a Surgeon in War and in America's Cities
--On Harry Potter's birthday, a discussion about favorite young adult novel
--Laura Miller on Sherlock Holmes
--Deborah Harkness, author of the previously cited The Book of Life. "I think of Ashmole 782 as the third main character in the book. Ashmole 782 is a real missing alchemical manuscript at Oxford's Bodleian Library that I stumbled across..."  The event is still on August 4, just like at the beginning of the post.

John Munson filled in for Joy Cardin this week. His literary guests:
--Richard Weissbourd on raising nice kids. His last book is The Parents We Were Meant to Be.
The buzz on beards, with Allen Peterkin. His 2002 book is called One Thousand Beards.
--On Friday, Munson talked to Roxane Gay, author of Bad Feminist. Hooray, Gay is coming to Boswell on Friday, August 8, 7 pm for Bad Feminist. The book is out on Tuesday, August 5.

Kathleen Dunn was on vacation this week. As part of their "best of" rebroadcasts, Michael Waldman's interview about The Second Amendment was rebroadcast.

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