Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saturday Gift Post--Daniel and Jen Discuss Mother's Day Cards.

This week we realized that we used the 48 pocket spinner for our graduation and the 24-pocket one for Mother's Day, only to realize that most graduation celebrations are taking place after Mother's Day. We had plenty of cards for both, so Anne switched it up, and now just about all our Mother's Day cards are on display. I think we're at the point where we're not going to have two cards left on the Saturday before the holiday. We'll see.

Jen and I were sorting through cards and we realized that we had a lot to say about the selection. We each picked out several that we could chat about.

Daniel: First off are these two peacocks. What do you think is up with that?

Jen: Don't you think peacocks are a symbol of Hera, the Greek goddess? She represents women, marriage, and birth, which seems mother-y to me.

Daniel: Oh!

Jen: I also like the colors in these cards. They are not all pinkish.

Daniel: These cards are kind of domestic, but they aren't too stereotypical. I really love the teacup card, partly because I like tea and these seem like such authentic illustrations. You can see the personality behind the person who would have each cup.

Jen: I agree. Doesn't Mom really need to relax and have a cup of tea (sometimes from Long Island)? I like the imagery of the card on the left because it has a real vintage art feel. I also like the colors.

Daniel: Many of us love the Ghost Academy cards (below left) because their aesthetic are at once funky and sentimental. Plus the block printing technique is unique.

Jen: I'm a sucker for book art, which is why I like the one on the right, even though it is pink.

Daniel: It's the card I gave my mother. How could I not?

Jen: The card on the left below is the one I gave my mom, mostly because I can be an ass. Ha ha!

Daniel: Yes, I thought that it had a good combination of graphic pop and authentic sentiment. The one on the right reminded me of myself at a young age. There's a story of me crying all the way home from Manhattan on the subway. I should send several cards to my mother just to make up for that.

Jen: Moms should do more boxing. I may be an ass sometimes (see above), but my mom kicks ass (below).

Daniel: I love my mom but it's hard to imagine her fighting. Her reflexes have always been a bit slow, and moreso now that she's 90.

Jen: Doesn't matter. Mom's are always in your corner fighting, just sometimes it's not literal. Regarding the card on the right, we've all had those moments where we realize we sound like our Moms.

Daniel: You could definitely give this card with Kelly Corrigan's new book, Glitter and Glue.

Daniel: We have 38 more pockets of Mother's Day cards on display, plus about five more to come out as these sell. If you come on May 10, not so much.

Jen: That's all, folks!

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