Friday, March 28, 2014

Travel Day to Orlando.

I am off on a very quick visit to see my aunt for her 80th birthday party. How many books did I pack? The correct answer is four, and it is a good thing, because after 40 pages through one, I decided not to continue (and no, I will not tell you what it was). I did finish reading the aptly titled The Vacationers, the new novel from Straub, after getting an early recommendation from Sharon.

The destination is Orlando and as there's not a rented car among my two siblings and I, we're pretty much stuck at the hotel. I looked up bookstores on a mapping function and found a few independent second hand stores, several Barnes and Nobles, an interesting sounding comic book store, and a chain of outlet stores called Book Warehouse.

I used the Indie Bound app to locate the closest indie store to where we're staying and it turned out to be Fairvilla Megastore, which is an adult bookstore whose sidelines cannot be described here. No comment.

So really, the most interesting bookish thing on the trip, besides the reading part, was seeing the Harry Potter store at the airport, promoting the Universal Studios attraction. They had mugs, scraves, and even formal attire for each of the Houses at Hogwarts.I didn't even complete the entire series, but I started imagining which house would be appropriate for me, based on personality and skin tone.

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