Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Short Post--A Minty Fresh New Boswell Bag.

Today is the first day of 2014 that was warm enough for me to walk to work, which is a bit of a milestone. Through Bay View and Walkers Point, negotiating the puddles was pretty easy. My journey to UWM to look at a space for an upcoming event (to be revealed Monday!) was a little more treacherous.

Another milestone this week was that Terrail informed me that we had run through our small red bags, which meant it was time to break out our new shipment, this time in a spring-appropriate mint green.

I thought this color would look good with the French blue paper bag and wood violet plastic bag, and I am also a bit obsessed with colors that have low contrast with the bag. I complain about this all the time in graphic design, when type has been designed so that middle aged folks like myself can't read them, yet I'm also compelled to follow the trend. I am very tempted to make our next plastic bag yellow on white. Let's see if I have the courage to pull that off.

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