Saturday, November 9, 2013

Saturday Gift Post--Puppets, Journals, and Purses Made From Recycled Materials, From Canada.

It was last January when I spotted Cate and Levi at a gift showroom. I loved it and wanted to order it immediately, but I really felt like I'd need to roll this out during the holidays. I thought about it for six months, returned in July, and wrote the order.

I love this line. The hand puppets are a variation of sock puppets, while the journals are really journal covers, so you can reuse the cloth outside again and again. Finally there are small purses, perfect for a cell phone.

This is only a small part of the line. They have mittens, hats, wall plaques. stuffed animals, and blankets. I guess one of the principals went on Martha Stewart's show, with tips on how to make the puppets. Here's a link to the website.

The blank books come in bear, bunny, cat dog, moose, and pig. We have puppets in bear, cat, dinosaur, elphant, frog, giraffe, horse, monkey, and shark. And the purses come in butterfly, dog, frog, monkey, moose, and owl. In many cases, I only bought one of a particular design, and the odds of me being able to reorder this before the holidays are small, so please don't come by on December 17 expecting to find a good selection.

I asked Jen to find some good animal books to display with our new line. She suggested Almost an Animal Alphabet, by Katie Viggers. It's perfect!

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